Enhancing user engagement and risk management for insurance providers with digital health solutions

Nervotec's Contactless Video-based
Health Monitoring Solution

rPPG Technology

Our remote PPG technology combines proprietary computer vision and signal processing algorithms for physiological measurements.

artificial intelligence

We deliver customised predictive analytic AI models, such as blood pressure measurements, for diverse healthcare needs.

select use cases

Propelling the

Digital Health and Wellness Journey

Nervotec provides health and wellness platforms for insurance clientele, such as Pulse by Prudential, to create seamless health journeys with data-driven insights.

Nervotec provides end-to-end solutions to create unique digital health and lifestyle applications. We collaborate with insurance providers to co-create meaningful user journeys to drive up user engagement on their innovative health apps by leveraging on our proprietary rPPG technology coupled with gamification and incentivisation techniques.

With Nervotec’s health assessment tool, users are able to manage their wellness holistically in a few seconds via a video-based, contactless health scan. Integrating remote PPG technology into a digital health solution, we capture vital signs measurements and provide real-time health insights, from a physiological and emotional perspective.

Supported health parameters include:

  • heart rate
  • heart rate variability (SDNN, pNN50, RMSSD)
  • oxygen saturation
  • respiratory rate
  • blood pressure (coming soon)

Using an AI-powered application, we are able to recommend and personalise daily lifestyle activities for users to improve and manage their physical and mental wellness.

With real-time health data collected from vital signs measurements, insurers can assess and manage their user’s risk level. Nervotec uses an augmented actuarial science statistical model, offering the ability to implement dynamic pricing for insurance policies based on the varying risk levels.

Leveraging on our rPPG technology to create AI models, we are able to facilitate the automation of the underwriting process for insurance policies, where policies are automatically formulated and personalised based on a user’s health insights.

Benefits of Nervotec's Remote Health Monitoring Solution

for Innovative Health Applications by Insurance Providers


Engage insurance clients with real-time health insights using AI analytics


Usable with any smartphone/camera enabled device


Requires no external device, reducing overall risk and costs while increasing operational efficiency


Deploy in large organisations with low cost


Obtain vital signs measurements in seconds

easy integration

Nervotec's SDK is easily integrated into any existing application or software

Supported Health Parameters:

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Oxygen Saturation

Respiratory Rate

Blood Pressure (Coming Soon)

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