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Who we are.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, doctors, data scientists and heck, an angel investor who joined the team after putting in his investment. We’re extremely young at (incorporated mid-June 2020) but in that time we’ve managed to get venture funding from investors like Mr Khaw Boon Hwee and Mr Chan Heng Fai and created our MVP.

Why do we do it?

We believe in un-restricting healthcare by enabling anyone with a cellphone to monitor the basic signs of life, his vitals. 


With our video based vital signs monitoring solution, anyone with a camera-enabled smartphone can have his vital signs monitored and analysed for any abnormal conditions.  I know, its sounds almost like science fiction, but this nascent but extremely promising tech has gotten us collaborating with NUHS.

So what are we looking for.

Our evangelists are actively pitching the product in their respective markets. We are looking for someone with B2B marketing experience to join our team. You must be able to plan, execute and evaluate campaigns and strategise approaches that equate to tangible growth.

We’re not looking to hire a drone, we’re looking for a teammate. 

Have what it takes? 

Get in touch.