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Measure your vital signs

in seconds

With a quick and simple video scan, we measure health parameters such as your heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation levels and blood pressure.

Our proprietary remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology allows you to measure these vital signs with just a smartphone.

health monitoring
remote PPG


Engage your users, employees, patients with real-time health insights


Vital signs obtained in seconds


Deploy in large organisations with low cost


Accessible with any smartphone/camera enabled device


Digital Health Solutions for All


Insuree Health Management

For insurance companies with innovative health and wellness apps, increasing user engagement can be difficult.

Nervotec's proprietary rPPG technology has the ability to:


Telemedicine & Eldercare

Before a virtual consultation begins, seniors and patients will be able to do a quick and easy health scan to measure vital signs.

Concurrently, general practitioners and caregivers also:

Personal & Corporate

Health and Wellness Management

Nervotec can support employers in their workplace wellness initiatives by empowering employees to manage their own health and well-being, starting with a quick face scan.


Remote health monitoring, never easier.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

- Easily integrated with any existing application or software.
- Wearable-free: no additional devices required
- Compatible with various operating systems: IOS, Android, etc.
- Accessible with any camera-enabled device i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet

Full-stack solutions

- Address user needs through our design approach
- Leverage on our UI/UX expertise to boost user engagement with rPPG
- Use behavioural science and gamification techniques to enhance the user experience
- Enable data-driven decisions with insights drawn from our predictive health capabilities


We empower



Headquartered in Singapore, Nervotec offers digital health solutions across various industries, with our proprietary health technologies and capabilties.

We are at the


of tech advancement,

integrating rPPG (remote photoplethysmography) and AI (artificial intelligence).

We help to

minimize health risks

on employees

We envisioned a way to remotely and effectively measure a person’s vital signs in seconds.

We aim to drive impact in digital health, and create better remote health management solutions for telehealth and insurance service providers, such as Pulse by Prudential, to provide better engagement and outcome predictions for their customers.

Pulse by Prudential in partnership with Nervotec

With the ability to create user engagement and measurement of vital signs in Pulse’s existing platform, we are privileged to partner with Prudential Singapore to empower their users to take charge of their personal health.

Enhancing Sports Performance in an Exclusive Partnership with NFL Performance Labs

Using our Best-in-Class predictive vital sign analytics and remote health monitoring capabilities, we are pleased to collaborate with the National Football League (NFL) Alumni Performance Labs to optimise athlete performance by tracking their physiological data, across their high-tech gyms in the United States of America.

Empowering Workplace Health and Safety with Wellness App

“..a potential gamechanger,” said Chwee Teck Lim, director of the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Health Innovation and Technology.

Previously used to monitor construction workers’ daily health during the pandemic, our remote PPG technology and vital signs predictive analytics is now applicable to a wide range of industries, especially in corporate health. Nervotec looks toward improving employee wellness and engagement to maintain productivity in the workplace, with the insight of vital sign measurements.

Workers scan face with mobile app to find out if they are well

Using the Nervotec app to ensure migrant workers are well before work amid coronavirus pandemic.


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Game changing proposals by Nervotec

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