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We Are Revolutionising Digital Health and AI

About Us

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We explored what Vital Signs reveal with the use of novel Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques

Then, we developed a contactless method to measure vital signs


The Awareness System

A giant leap into the future of healthcare

Where tele-consulting doctors can now know your vitals

We are changing the way health assessments are done in the new norm

We are the Singapore Airlines Appchallenge 2020 Global Winners!

Besting over 500 companies across 65 countries to emerge as the App Challenge Global Winners for 2020. 

We help companies like Singapore Airlines safely return staff to the workplace, creating a safer environment for both employees and customers alike.

And because the health assessment is done entirely on the individual’s smartphone at home, there is no cross-contamination risk, sanitisation costs or additional equipment and labour. 

And also reinventing tele-triaging to be wearable-free


The Awareness platform enables any camera smartphone to function as a vital signs measurement and monitoring device. 

This revolutionary technology will empower users by equipping them with their health status, without the need for expensive wearables or access to a medical facility.


Hence, bringing  Healthcare, Anywhere

Applications of our technology

Nervotec’s revolutionary contactless rPPG and AI technology has applications in various sectors

Construction: Worker compliance and safety

Driver monitoring: Fatigue and intoxication detection

 Fraud: Liveness detection for online payments

Insurance: Underwriting with health scores

Corporate: Workplace wellness and flu prediction

Telemedicine: Remote monitoring and chronic care

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How does rPPG work?

Remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) is a contactless optic technique that uses light reflectivity to detect changes in blood volume in the tissue beneath the skin. The vital signs we can gather from this technique include heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and stress level.

What can your technology be used for?

rPPG and AI technology can be utilized in many different ways, to suit a plethora of industries and to meet specialized industry needs. Our current use cases are in construction for worker compliance and safety, and we are also working on bringing our technology into driver monitoring systems for fatigue detection on the road, insurance underwriting processes, liveness and mask detection for fraud on online payments, chronic illness care, elderly assisted living arrangements and many more.

What products does Nervotec have?

Our rPPG technology is a product in and of itself, however, coupled with our AI predictive analytics, users can have access to insights from their vital signs through the use of Nervotec’s novel Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. This enables the users to make sense of their data and make any necessary changes or improvements in wellness habits or in company-wide policies etc. 

Nervotec has a ready-to-deploy solution, aptly named the Awareness platform. This is an integrated platform with predictive AI to give actionable insights. The solution can be tailored to the clients’ unique needs, please contact us through the contact form below to start a conversation.

Can I buy your product/technology for personal use?

We currently operate on a B2B model and do not offer the app for individual use. If you are a part of an organization and want to make your workplace safer with our technology, please ask your HR to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

How is your AI engine trained? 

We partnered with NUHS (National University Hospital System) in Singapore, where 3 million patient data sets were collected. We use this data to train our AI, and hence, do not collect any data from the vital signs scan. We also do not use facial tracking or face recognition software, as our main purpose is to provide vital sign metrics and keep user privacy at a maximum.

My company would like to work with Nervotec for research purposes/ commercialization/ integration/ collaboration, how can we get started?

Please get in touch with us via our contact form below, we generally reply within one (1) working day. We look forward to speaking with you.

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